Jennifer Scarlott's, Riverdale-Kingsbridge Coalition for Climate Action, Open Letter to Divest Harva

Dear Divest Harvard,

Thank you for giving me and many others an opportunity to show our solidarity with your effort to divest Harvard's endowment of fossil fuel investments. I'm grateful, and want to acknowledge, that my access to plentiful food allows me the chance to participate in your fast. There is so much involuntary hunger and food injustice in our country and in our world, and on the streets and in the homes of Cambridge and Boston.

It's 10:49 am, Monday morning, 10/20... I've been fasting since yesterday evening. My hunger makes me feel connected to you, and hugely respectful of the commitment of many of you to fast for 72 hours to represent the 72% of Harvard students who support fossil fuel divestment. Though I'm fasting only from sundown to sundown today, my support for and admiration of your efforts could not be stronger.

My father was an executive with Exxon. Today, more than any other single entity on earth, Exxon represents willful global destruction for profit. My familial connection to Exxon creates a strange personal irony to my work for climate justice. It makes me so incredibly proud of my daughter, a campus divestment leader at Mount Holyoke College.

Buddhist writer and environmentalist Joanna Macy recently said of climate change, "The loss of certainty that there will be a future is, I believe, the pivotal psychological reality of our time."

We are all in this together. I believe we will win. I believe that if we can understand the urgent need that Naomi Klein explains, for the creation of a new economic system that will finally allow our species to live in harmony with the life systems of the earth, that we will suffer getting there, yes, but we will eventually succeed in building a smaller, quieter, greener future that in so many ways will be so much more beautiful than the old, dying world of fossil fuels.

Thank you for your clarity, courage, wisdom, and vision. Eventually, we will bring President Faust, and the powers that be at Harvard, to the only side of history that will give all of us a future. We will get there together.

Yours in hope,

Jennifer Scarlott

Riverdale-Kingsbridge Coalition for Climate Action, 350NYC

Bronx, NY

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